Relaxing happy gas for our anxious patients in Southport & the Gold Coast

We appreciate that some patients feel anxious about their visits to our dental practice in Southport. Our aim is to help patients who may have had a traumatic past experience with dental care to feel as comfortable as possible.

Here at Southport Dental, we use happy gas, otherwise known as nitrous oxide, which is a modern sedation technique. This is to ensure our nervous patients have as relaxed and stress-free dental experience as possible.

Happy gas is inhaled through the nose via a small nasal inhaler throughout the dental treatment to produce a feeling of relaxation, leaving you aware, but carefree during the procedure. The inhaler is comfortable and can be adjusted to suit you.

Once your treatment is complete, and after breathing in normal oxygen for a couple of minutes, you’ll feel back to your usual self. Happy gas is merely a mild sedation method that we use here at Southport Dental, so you’ll be perfectly fine to drive and return to your normal routine straight away.

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