Southport & the Gold Coast's caring children’s dentistry therapist

As a family-friendly dental practice, Southport Dental is happy to welcome your children and infants through our doors. We understand that young patients need to have a positive introduction to dentistry at their first visit.

Our oral health therapist, Matthew & Jenny, works alongside our reputable dentists to provide children’s dentistry with the understanding and care your children need. Education on preventing decay is crucial from an early age, which is why we take a sensible approach to diet and tooth brushing.

Southport Dental is proud to have helped parents to raise their children to adults without ever needing fillings. Maintaining a healthy set of teeth means your children can live a life free from dental disease. It’s vital that your children grow up with a positive attitude towards their dental health, and we here at Southport Dental, help nurture that healthy attitude.

The importance of regular exams and hygiene appointments

Regular exam and hygiene appointments will lead your children to feel comfortable about visiting our dental practice in Southport and to be interested in the health of their teeth. Establishing good preventive habits from an early age is something that we really care about at Southport Dental.

If your child does end up needing dental treatments, Matthew, Jenny and our dentists will support them through even the most complex procedure to ensure they feel confident and comfortable.

We offer children’s dentistry to patients as young as two years old, building great relationships and trust right from the very start of their young life.

Children’s dental benefits program
in Southport & the Gold Coast

As always, Southport Dental tries to do everything possible to make our children’s dental services affordable. We keep our prices competitive so every child in Southport can benefit from our skills and experience in ensuring their teeth stay in prime health from an early age.

Some patients from the ages of two to 17 may be eligible for the Child Benefits Schedule (CDBS). This Medicare program provides $1000 for each eligible child to pay for the dental treatment they may require over a two-year period.

Please click on the link provided. It will take you to the Medicare website so you can see if your child is eligible for the Children’s Dental Benefit Program.

Click here for Child Dental Benefits Schedule

If you think your child is entitled to this service, feel free to discuss this with our friendly front office team.

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