Southport & the Gold Coast's injectable treatment

Injectable treatment can be used for jaw tension and temporomandibular joint disorders, otherwise known as TMJ. The injections can help eliminate headaches resulting from teeth grinding and in cases of severe stress, injectables can even minimise lockjaw.

Muscles are relaxed and partially paralysed by directly injecting treatment into the affected area. This is done to change the forces causing stress on the joint and are considered necessary to ensure breakdown and regrowth of bone.

Injectable treatment is straightforward and quick, and most of our patients notice considerable improvement within a couple of days.

Once you’ve visited us in Southport, your muscle tenderness should start to fade immediately, and will be completely gone after a couple of days.

We do advise not to rub or massage the injected area, to try and remain upright for as many hours as possible, and to keep physical activity minimal after injectable treatment.

Dr Edward Wu at Southport Dental can provide this injectable treatment for any patient in need.

Southport Dental offers a free consultation with Dr Edward Wu to discuss the treatment and benefits in more detail.

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